Are you blushing?

Happy Caturday, kinksters!

It’s time for another 8 sentences from as many amazing authors as you can handle over one weekend (and me :)). Throughout November—Kink Month—all my snippets will be from Curious Sustenance. I’ll make them as kinky as possible without giving too much away.

This week our hero, Ross, and his workout buddy, Janet, are going to her favorite club—which just so happens to be a sexy little place where anything can happen at any time. Ross thinks they’re just going out for drinks, but is about to get a big surprise.


“You can stay anonymous. And since you have those luscious green eyes, you’ll be hiding behind the name Hunter.” Janet smiled and gently pulled his top button open before taking Ross by the hand and heading for the door.

On the other side of the red door was a foyer lined with red velvet curtains. Janet passed her coat and purse to a pretty young man on the other side of a counter. It was as if they’d stepped onto the set of an old porn flick. Brad had been on an oldies kick not long ago, and the fake potted palm in the corner, muted lighting, and shirtless boy behind the counter wearing a red bow tie the exact color of the curtains reminded him of one of those flicks. He backed toward the door.


Thanks for reading!

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photo credit: eternalizuan via photopin cc

11 thoughts on “Are you blushing?

  1. l really llke thls descrlptlon. And your characters have cool names. l llke the name Ross and l work wlth someone named Janet so l have a good assoclatlon wlth that name. Wlsh l could flnd a cool name for the herolne of my short story, who’s a tour gulde for a manslon ln the small town of Milestone, lndiana.

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