One more and they’re in the wind!

Hello and welcome! This week I’m posting the last snippet from “Toy Run”.

Why the last? Because next weekend it’ll be November, and that means it’s Kink Month around here! Ian and Ed are cool guys, and I love them both to deathbut they’re not exactly kinky. More on that next week. Now, it’s snippet time.

6ad08-wewriwa_buttonLast week, Ian went back to Ed’s for homebrew. (Read it here if you missed it.) I’ve skipped ahead to the next morning (yeah, I’m mean that way), and Ed has just introduced Ian to his dogs. In case it’s not clear, the first dialogue is Ed’s.

They came over and checked me out, and Ed introduced them as Perry, Paul, and Della. I grinned, and he shrugged.

“The week after I moved in here, someone dumped a sack in the ditch along the main road. I watched a lot of daytime television back then.”

“Take in a lot of strays, do you?”

The dog wearing a pink tag slipped her head under my hand and leaned against my leg. I scratched her behind the ears while I avoided eye contact with Ed.

“When something good comes along, I try not to let it pass me by.”

snip sundayThanks for reading!

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If you’d like to read “Toy Run”, it’s available for pre-order in the Dreamspinner 2013 Advent Calendar. You can get it for a crazy sale price through October 31st, or you can pick & choose which stories you want beginning December 1st.


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