A Heartwarming snippet

Welcome to my snippet! Ian and Ed from “Toy Run” are back.

long_SeductiveSnS_TransparentJust to be different, I’ll kiss first and explain later. 😉

snip sunday

“You expect your friend to pull in with a few of his buddies for homebrew?”

For a moment I thought Ed would laugh out loud. Instead, he slipped his jacket off and tossed it at the squat leather chair closest to him.

“Nah, in the morning he’ll bring my bike over and trade it for the truck. He knows what I’m up to tonight.”

“And what, exactly, would that be?”

He looked me over, slowly, from the wild red hair in my eyes to the scuffed toes of my boots and back up again.

“I like to set the ball rolling and see how things shake out—exactly takes all the fun out of it.”

6ad08-wewriwa_buttonOkay, I may’ve overstated things a little. I also took a couple of liberties with punctuation, so if something reads a little off that’s why.

The snippet above takes place shortly after the last one I posted, which you can find here. We last saw our heroes at the after-the-run party. I left out the part where Ed invites Ian (literally the “I” above) to his place. Thanks for reading!

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If you’d like to read “Toy Run”, it’s available for pre-order in the Dreamspinner 2013 Advent Calendar. Right now it’s on a crazy sale price for what you get–or you can pick & choose which stories you want starting December 1st.

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