Caturday heat!


Happy Caturday!

I missed snippeting last week, so it’s been on my To Do list with a big star beside it. With all that build-up (even if nobody knew about it but me) i couldn’t post just any old thing, so here’s something with a little heat.


snip sunday

Intro:  Neil’s best friend interrupted his tryst in the hotel room, and has just left. If you’re in the mood for a refresher, click here.

Neil took Ty gently by the shoulders and stepped close enough to feel the heat radiating from his body. A shiver ran through Ty’s body and Neil moved closer still, pressing against him. Neil pulled back abruptly, and Ty had to take a step forward to keep his balance. Neil pulled his polo shirt over his head and tossed it toward a chair.                   

A dreamy fog stole everything from Neil’s world except the soft lips against his and the hard body beneath his hands. When he felt the bed against the back of his legs, he fought to stay upright, close to those lips, but found himself on his back anyway. Neil reached down but hands were already opening his shorts. He opened his eyes and watched as Ty pushed his own shorts off and moved onto the bed.

Thanks for reading!

As usual, click on the banners above for the lists of participating writers: Seductive Studs & Sirens on Saturday;Sunday’s line-up includes Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!


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