No-no-no-no—Nobody’s fault but mine . . .

Sorry this is late going up! My excuse is that i started a new term and am not used to having a Friday evening class. Which, as excuses go, ain’t too shabby—but we all know about excuses.

This week’s snippet continues my supporting-cast theme—Ray from Directing Traffic. This is the first time Neil and Ray meet—after the time Neil saved his life, that is. They’re in Ray’s backyard and Ty’s just gone inside for iced tea. I took some liberties with punctuation on this one, so if it reads strangely it’s my fault, not my editor’s!

Update: Maybe i was a little light on the intro for this one! 🙂

Ray is Ty’s uncle, in his late 60s, a few days earlier he had a heart attack on the main drag of the little beach town where they live and Neil saved his life. Ray’s been like a father to Ty and is feeling his mortalityplus, he’s a scrappy old dude and doesn’t bother censoring himself when he’s with people he likes.

Catch up with Directing Trafficpast snippets can be found here or you can get the whole story by clicking the banner below.

“I can’t begin to thank you, son. Ty told me what it cost you to help me. Wouldn’t have blamed you if you couldn’t have, but I’m damned glad you did.”

Neil nodded and tried to smile—he was aware it shook, but aside from pain in his throat, he weathered the familiar tide of emotions better than he would’ve thought—when he regained his composure, Ray released his hand.

“Ty’s a good man, just a little lost right now. He’s never talked about anyone to me before. At all—and I know he’s had plenty. Boy was a bit of a slut in his youth but managed to pass through that phase unscathed—he needs a steady hand and a big heart, that’s all.”

Thanks for reading!

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Have a glorious weekend!

P.S. If you’re curious about the title of this week’s post, click here. You’re welcome. 😉

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