Bi Pride Week!

bi pride equal sign

Welcome to my Bi Pride Week celebration! This week I have a bunch of wonderful bi authors lined up to talk about anything and everything related to being bi—and some who have bi characters they’re bringing so we can meet them.

Usually I don’t post the negative myths about bisexuality—plenty of other people have, and do, give those ideas airtime and they don’t need my help. But this week is different. This week every part of the bisexual experience is fair game, so it’s only fair to warn everyone ahead of time.

Warning!! This week’s Bi Pride festivities may include:  the merciless thrashing of stereotypes and myths; statistics and the people behind the numbers; girls who dig girls and who also dig boys; boys who dig girls and who also dig boys; copious amounts of pink, blue and purple; shameless displays of pride by non-monosexuals of both the flesh-and-blood variety and the on-page variety; and a maybe a new perspective on the world as seen through the eyes of a few bisexuals who have a way with words.

All photos posted this week (not including book covers) are free use courtesy of BiNet USA or by permission from Shiri Eisner unless otherwise noted.

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