Winners and guests . . .

Victory Waits on Your Fingers medium_3213853041

Happy Monday, everyone!

Congratulations to Belinda, who won the Grand Prize in the Authors Care hop!

A great big thank you to everyone who commented on my post. I’ve sent a $10 Amazon GC to Ashtrie, and have three envelopes on my desk just waiting to head to the post office—one each for Pam, bn100, and Hunter!

I’m so glad last week is over. It’s important to have those conversations, but it wrings me out emotionally. I have fun giving away prizes, though, so it almost evens out.

love-tree-banner.jpgThis Thursday, fellow Dreamspinner author Layla M. Wier is visiting. She’ll be talking about scouting locations for her novella Homespun, which takes place in Upstate NY. She’s also bringing a contest, so be sure and stop by!

Next Monday, Sept 23, is Bi Pride Day! To celebrate i’ve invited a bunch of authors to talk about what being bi means to them &/or to their characters—so that should be fun!

It’s been a while since I’ve rambled on this space—maybe that’s a good thing? *lol* I’ve been busy working on a full-length Romance and figuring out the details of my PNR, and most of my Words of the Week have been dry legal terms.

When I realized I’ve been in school over a year studying all the legal stuff i hope to be able to use by this time in 2014, I decided to look for something fun and writing-related to study. I’m taking a Savvy Authors class on Writing Same-Sex Romance, and so have been pondering many Romancy things lately. I’m hoping to make the most of this week—before I get buried in legal stuff again—and ponder here later.

You’ve been warned! 🙂

airplane trail and sunlight

Not sure why i want to put this here–maybe because our sun is gone!



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