Late summer lovin’


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long_SeductiveSnS_TransparentOr you could be decadent and do both.

6ad08-wewriwa_buttonsnip sunday

Ben was such a hit I decided to bring him back for an encore. This bit is a day later than the last one, which you can find here.

Intro: Neil’s on foot in search of food when Ben calls, looking for the scoop on the sweet little cupcake he caught a glimpse of. The preceding dialogue has Neil confessing to over-imbibing the night before and then quickly asking how things are in Portland.

Ben laughed, forcing Neil to move the phone away from his ear. “SOS. Tell me, where’d you find a piece like that in such a sleepy little tourist trap?”

“His uncle had a heart attack on the main drag.”

“Oh geez, are you okay?”

“I guess … still a little fuzzy from the Pinot Gris.”

“Snack cakes for lunch and snooty wine for dinner. Way to go, Wicki, it’s about time.”


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Photo: Cannon Beach, a.k.a. Long Sands Beach, Oregon. Taken by Yours Truly, Sept 10, 2013.

9 thoughts on “Late summer lovin’

  1. Snack cakes for lunch and snooty wine for dinner — no wonder he’s feeling fuzzy (and had to pull the phone away from his ear — hangover, anyone?) Great details! Love this snippet.

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