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Hi folks!

This week it was especially hard to decide what to post—i just finished Finals Week and my first editing pass for the Christmas story, and am nearing the word count threshold to make Phil and Lee’s story a novel.

But my jazz musicians need some love, so you’re getting a bite of that story. DJ’s just appeared on Jake’s doorstep, and, like a walking defibrillator shocked Jake back to life.

I think that’s enough of an intro, but let me know if you’d like more. The aforementioned finals have left my brain a little mushy. 🙂


He didn’t go to his favorite place, and tried the whole time not to think too hard about why. The boy seemed disappointed when they walked into a Denny’s, but his appetite didn’t suffer for it. After breakfast they got back in Jake’s ancient Honda Civic that had long ago been red.

“So I have to ask,” Jacob drawled. “You’re a successful musician—why drive this hunk of junk?”

Jake glanced at the passenger seat and for a heartbeat saw a ghost there who looked an awful lot like DJ—Jacob—but with shiny black curls, a wicked grin, and perfect hands.

“As long as we both shall live, boyo.” Jake grinned and patted the dashboard.


Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to get to know DJ a little better, he let me interview him a little while ago for a guest spot on the “Find Your Next Read” blog. You can find it here.

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