Sound off! or Soliciting your $0.02

My BookshelfLately I’ve been doing some reading about how to market oneself online as an author. It’s easy and fun to help readers find my friends’ books but my mind goes blank around the idea of promoting my own. If I let it. That’s part of what led to the new title of this blog: Unconventional Love.

But then I read this article about the upcoming Baltimore Book Festival, and wonder if that title really says what I want it to say.

The article quotes Andrew Grey saying exactly what I believe about fiction—every genre—that anyone and everyone should be able to find a story they can relate to, see their life/experience in. I spent most of my life searching for stories I could identify with—the few I did find were so heartbreaking I retreated to Louis L’Amour or Stephen King* comfort reads. Sometimes both in the same day.

Which is why my heroes are unknown musicians and plumbers and unemployed teachers—those guys deserve a beautiful love story at least as much as the rock gods and fire fighters and billionaires that have been populating Romance novels since there have been Romance novels. When I chose Unconventional Love I was thinking of those guys (and gals, okay and the play on “unconditional love” too)—the folks who don’t go looking for fame or fortune, they just live their lives and try to do the right thing and hope the overall scale of their life decisions tips toward the side of good. And they wouldn’t turn down a little happiness if it came their way either.

But that article made me wonder if folks will look at the title of my blog and think I mean Gay Romance itself is unconventional.

That couldn’t be farther from the way I see it but if that’s the perception I’ll head back to the drawing board. As a writer it’s my job to communicate clearly; I don’t always hit the mark the first time, but that’s what drafts and editors are for.

What say you, friends?

What does Unconventional Love make you think of?

Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

If you came looking for my Back to School Blog Hop post i’d like to invite you to answer the question above before scrolling to that post or clicking here.

*Yep, I love being scared by fictional things so Uncle Stevie’s books are like vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate syrup to me.

5 thoughts on “Sound off! or Soliciting your $0.02

  1. I like how you wrote this. Yep, the average person does deserve to have a love story told.

    I wish I could give you the one perfect piece of advice about marketing yourself as an author … if you looked up the topic in Google then you know as much or more than me. 🙂

      • Hmm, I like the sound of it … I’m trying to brainstorm what you really want to say with the title … what would speak to “breaking a convention?” perhaps. something more active.

        • Thanks! 🙂 Right–something that says my love stories don’t conform to *all* the usual conventions, while not taking up too much space or giving the wrong impression.

          Should be a piece of cake, yeah? *lol* Maybe something will come to me while i’m out walking off that last piece of cake i had.

  2. Promotion is a nightmare for me. Only a small percentage of readers like historicals, even fewer read non-erotica and still fewer will read something that isn’t a romance. Reaching them seems completely impossible.

    But you have an advantage – you write red hot contemporary romances, even if your heroes aren’t the standard glossy, ripped, model handsome Formula One drivers, or Navy Seals or Marines, or cowboys. Unconventional means not run of the mill. I think that makes your lads more interesting.

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