Caturday cupcake!

Hey everyone, Happy Caturday!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted from Directing Traffic so i thought i’d introduce the snippet crowd to one of my favorite supporting characters, Ben Moros. He’s Neil’s best friend, and besides being gorgeous he’s also a cool guy.

This takes place shortly after Neil and Ty’s lunch and flirty game of pool (read about it here). They were just getting comfortable in Neil’s hotel room when someone tracked down his best friend (who, if you remember, had left Portland without telling anyone where he was going). Ben and Neil are standing outside the room for this exchange. The first dialogue is Neil’s, in case it isn’t clear.

Ty poked his head out the door, gave Ben an appraising look, and then disappeared back inside; the door didn’t close.

“It’s not what it looks like.”

“I hope for your sake that it’s exactly what it looks like.” Ben grabbed Neil’s shoulders in his hands and squeezed gently; his dark eyes, that had been full of alarm moments ago, showed only encouragement and love. Ben sighed and then clapped Neil’s shoulders and wiggled his eyebrows. “You enjoy that sweet little cupcake and call me tomorrow.”

Ben sprinted the length of the hall that was more like a porch, and Neil listened to him thunk down the old wooden staircase. Moments later, Ben’s little green Mustang zipped out of the parking lot—his arm raised out the driver’s side window and flashing the thumbs-up sign.


Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to get to know Ben a little better, check out his appearance on Anne Lange’s blog.

Now run along, kidlets, and check out the other Seductive Studs & Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Sunday Snippets. Have fun and check back later for the Back to School Blog Hop winner announcement!

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20 thoughts on “Caturday cupcake!

  1. Very well done! Recently got into the M/M romances after realizing that love is love, romance is romance and that we all, each and everyone one of us,of could use a bit more in our lives. Great choice for the 8 sentences, Charley!

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