Tying the two together.

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Today i’m sharing from A Sunday Kind of Love again–to celebrate that it made the Amber Allure July Best Seller list! This is my first “listing” so it calls for a celebration! (In addition to the box of Twinkies i split with Kiddo, that is. :))

This snippet takes place a few days after Jake’s trip to the salon. DJ is off visiting and Jake’s dreaming mind has him explaining something important to Mason while they’re lounging in anticipation of Round Two. It also explains the connection between ASKoL and my debut from Dec 2012 Comfort and Joy. As much as eight sentences can do something like that while not being too spoilery.

Jake had been thirty-going-on-seventeen, still just a pup at heart, when a guy he knew from session work asked if he’d be interested in rounding out a piano trio. When Jake nodded, Sam said to bring his double bass to their loft. It turned out to really be an audition. He almost hadn’t brought the instrument he’d inherited from his mother and dragged across an ocean and then an entire continent so he wouldn’t starve. He almost hadn’t gone. Even though he played the pronoun game, Sam was definitely in a relationship and Jake wasn’t sure he felt up to the drama of cheating, even with someone that hot. He’d walked in, pulled his bass from its case, turned around to face the Steinway and the small drum kit sitting in the middle of the floor and seen the face of God on the man sitting quietly in a chair across the room.

Sam’s older brother, JR, had come to listen and they had plans for the evening, but it didn’t play out that way. JR had offered to help him carry his things downstairs and then got into the passenger seat of the Honda just as bold as you please.


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