Happy Anniversary to me!

Today when I checked my WordPress Reader to see what everyone’s been up to I found a message from WP:  Happy Anniversary! My blog is a year old today—which means it’s the one-year anniversary of the day I decided to make a serious effort to be published in my “new” genre.

It’s cool that in my anniversary post I get to announce my short story “Toy Run” will be included in the Dreamspinner 2013 Advent Calendar! It’s just a little freaky, too, since the story I was working on last year at this time is the one I subbed to the 2012 edition. That one didn’t make the cut but a lot of things have changed since then. And thanks to Ian and Ed I’ll be able to say I have a Paul Richmond cover! (So I have to share it with a couple dozen other authors, mere technicality. ;))

The past year has been fun and scary and so many other things I can’t even describe them all. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who’ve guested here and everyone who hosted me, everyone who shared a tweet or a FB post or took the time to read this blog or one of my stories. You all rock and I’m grateful and humbled to know you all.

This may seem like a strange time to talk about goals for the coming year, but autumn has always felt like the beginning of the year to me and we’re almost there (yay!) so i’m going to go for it.

  1. Approach the name genre blogs on my list and promote the hell out of Curious Sustenance. Yes, I have a shiny new Promotion Plan, the first entry is “no whining” and the second is “you can do this”. (Ha, betcha thought the second one was going to be no whining too. ;))
  2. Finish the novel I’m working on by the end of the year, and then get it onto someone’s production schedule. Phil and Lee make it hard to torture them as much as I should, but someone’s gotta do it.
  3. Finish the paranormal. I’m not exactly sure what it wants to be when it grows up—is it a mystery with romantic elements or the other way around? Is it a novel or a series of novellas?—but I have to figure it out because I can’t let these characters down.

And that’s all I’m willing to commit to in writing! *lol*

Looking forward to another fabulous year!

photo credit: InstantPyro via photopin cc

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