It’s a snippet!

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Okay, gang, here’s 8 more from SB. It’s the day after the water incident, and here we meet the guy who changes everything. He’s just surprised our earnest hero who’s back at work scanning documents (this time in the garage instead of the basement) and asked if it was okay for him to use the kitchen phone *cough* ruse *cough* and then asked for his name.

He took a slow deep breath and said it silently first. “Phil.”

“Hey, Phil, I’m Lee.”

He glanced up again and Lee’s smile wasn’t like anything he’d ever seen before. Patient; kind; happy. He’d arrived in the plumber’s truck, with his worn jeans and his surfer hair. Lee. Lee had laughed at Jerry’s silly story about the case that made him want to retire. He still wore that same smile when Phil tilted his head to the side just enough to see that his eyes were dark before returning his gaze to the floor beside his bare foot.

Thanks for reading!

I didn’t get with the program this week until Saturday was almost over but here’s a link to Seductive Studs & Sirens. You shouldn’t have to suffer when i fail.

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