Guest Author: Tia Fielding!

Positive by Tia Fielding eBook

Today I’m pleased to host fellow Dreamspinner author Tia Fielding.

She’s talking about how she came to dedicate Mystery/Suspense novel, Positive, to her mom (who sounds like a very cool lady!).

The Things We Ask Our Moms

About a year ago I was in the forest with my Mom. I think we were looking for mushrooms and walking the dogs or something like that.

Now, you have to understand that my mother is a fifty-something woman with a pretty open mind. She’s the one in my family who doesn’t outright announce her ideas of GLBTQ-rights, but tries her best not to let my father’s homophobic views affect my teenage kid sister.

That said, I’m over thirty now and I’ve gone from a good family girl that was assumed straight and raised that way until I came out as a lesbian in my late teens. That has changed, because I have changed, but I haven’t come out to my family again because the less they ask questions, the better. Hey, I’m still figuring things out as I go, why mess with their heads too!

In some ways I think she sees gay people as well… people. People who deserve equal rights and should be left alone like everyone else. But I’m not sure. Why? Because we never had that discussion. When I came out to her back when I was 18, I just asked her if she’d be okay with whomever I was with as long as I was happy. She said “yes, but don’t tell your dad.” Naturally at that point she’d figured out my new friend wasn’t just a friend but a girlfriend.

My Mom reads a lot. During any vacations or other times she needs a no-brainer, she reads romance novels. The straight kind, naturally, but romance novels nonetheless. Her general idea is to let her brain rest. Normally though, she reads all kinds of detective mystery novels, and I’ve read some with her and introduced her to new authors over the years. She loves Karin Slaughter and has about a dozen other, mostly Scandinavian, favorites.

She knows what kind of books I like and vice versa, so when I had my “random idea” for something daunting, I decided to ask her opinion.

The conversation in the forest started something like this. “So Mom, since you like crime novels, I have this idea but I’m not sure if I can pull it off for so many reasons….” To her credit she didn’t flinch when I explained her about how I had this vision of a sniper who shot people with darts filled with HIV positive blood.

Instead she asked if I knew why someone would want to do such thing and if I thought it had been written before, and I said no to both. At that point I had no idea why the villain in the book would do something like that, but I hadn’t heard from a storyline like that before.

“You do realize you’d have to research a lot for this?” She asked, and I nodded. Eventually, when I was doing that research, I filled her in with my findings. Like what seemed plausible, what I could stretch for my purposes, and things like how long HIV positive blood would stay viable outside a human body.

There in the gorgeous fairytale forest I could bounce ideas off of her. The really scary part was when I told her about the other thing in the book, because let’s face it I don’t write mysteries, I write romance. I told her about the detective who was trying to solve the case and about what his partner was like, and hoped she wouldn’t be too put off by “the gay”.

Now that the book is out, I’m going to show it to her with pride. She really helped me and I plan to tell her so. When I receive my author’s copies in the mail I’ll show her the dedication. It’s nothing huge, but it’s for her. Because she’s been supportive and she sees how writing is the only thing I want to do. She might not understand it all, but she’s there for me.

Despite all that, I’m sort of glad her English isn’t good enough to actually read Positive. She might get the mystery and even the gay, but somehow I think the threesome scene and all the other sex in the book might be too much for her.

I’m writing another book now and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go to her with this one or something else. I may go to her and ask what she might think of an ageing, alcoholic, washed up country music star finally coming out publicly for the man he loves. Or maybe it will be with another story completely. But I know for a fact that she’ll do her best to answer me honestly, and isn’t that what all authors want anyway?

Positive, by Tia Fielding

Even after a decade, the life that journalist Brent Walsh and Milwaukee homicide detective Shawn Mackey have made together is far from boring. But when a new case cuts a weekend getaway short, they aren’t quite prepared for how it will impact their personal lives. Suddenly there’s too much to juggle: Shawn will be working the case of the sharpshooter who is trying to infect random people with HIV, Brent needs to cover the story but fears a conflict of interest, one of Shawn’s colleagues is attracted to him, and Brent sincerely needs to mend the painful break with his childhood best friend, Ollie, and heal their broken hearts.

Though the case comes to a close, it’s not the end of their troubles. Shawn and Brent still face a past of old white lies, a present possibility of inviting another man to their bed, and a future with children, not to mention health issues and national fallout from the case. It’s enough to make them want to run away—until they realize they have to face those challenges head-on so they can get on with the life of love they’re hoping for.

For more info, or to grab your copy of Positive, visit Tia’s author page at Dreamspinner Press.

Visit Tia at and on Twitter @tiafielding

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