A Brand New WIP!

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Hello and welcome to everyone who’s here for the snippet (and everyone who wandered in by accident ;))! This week i’m posting from a new story. For now Ill just call it SB. It’s an erotic Romance that i’m pretty sure wants to be a novel when it grows up. The first draft is about two-thirds finished and i’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the year. It’s been a long time since i’ve written a full novel; once i’m more confident in my ability to pull it off i’ll share more details.

This is the opening 8 (with a little creative punctuation). Even though this doesn’t say much i’m not sure i want to go crazy with an intro–i just wrote a very emotional scene so i’d probably end up trying to cram the whole story in and make it even more confusing.

He bent low over the desk even though he was alone and nobody could’ve seen his face.  Scan; file; shred. Scan; file; shred.  He derived a peaceful satisfaction as the banker’s boxes slowly emptied and the computer’s hard drive filled, little by little, with the product of a legal career.

Scan; file; shred; clunk.

His hand froze just as he was about to pull a sheet of paper from the file folder lying open in the box.  The sound of rushing water filled the basement, and in moments a wet stain cut across the cement floor. For a moment, he remained still and unbelieving but only a moment—one by one he moved the banker’s boxes to safety, and then the equipment—computer, scanner, external hard drives.


Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “A Brand New WIP!

  1. So many questions, so many possibilities! Is he the hero? The villain? An OCD lawyer, or just a paranoid one? A victim of frozen pipes or sabotage? And how is this going to turn erotic?

    Yeah, okay, hooked again. 😀

  2. I want to know why he’s destroying evidence, why the water, from where it’s coming. I want to know who he is and much more. All this to say, you’ve done a great job of titillating my curiosity. 🙂

  3. Ah, you guys are going to be so let down if you find out he’s not destroying evidence.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I’m working on getting around to everyone but it may take me a while this weekend.

  4. Oh dear…don’t know what I’m worried about more…that the water will fry the computer and his only copies of the docs he just shredded or that the water is liable to do more than harm the computer.

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