Entering the home stretch!

Howdy all! Hope everyone had a fantabulous week! Mine was busybusybusy (mostly in a good way) with much writing, and thinking about writing, and talking about writing.

snip sunday

This week’s snippet will be the last one from Toy Run until I find out its fate. That’ll be sometime between now and August 20th, so I’ll try to have something extra shiny next week.

This snippet is after the run, Ian’s at the end-of-run party in a hotel bar. For anyone who doesn’t know, a toy run is when a bunch of folks on bikes get together to give toys to a children’s hospital or other worthy charity. Ed is the owner of the promising dark eyes from last week.

We drank in silence until our beers were almost empty. Ed set his bottle on the bar with purpose and turned to me.

“We should head out for some of my homebrew. Better than this mass-produced shit.”

I pushed off from the bar and faced him, shrugged, and then nodded as I pushed my almost empty bottle into the track.

When he headed toward the exit I followed, a half-step behind. We were almost out the door when a tall, dark, and leather-clad man stopped Ed with a hand in the center of his chest. They just looked at each other for a long moment, and then the other guy nodded.

 Thanks for reading!


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21 thoughts on “Entering the home stretch!

    • Sorry I wasn’t clear sooner! Sometimes it’s hard for me to know what is mainstream knowledge and what isn’t. Nope, it’s not like a beer run. 😉

      Thanks! Feel free to enter if you’d like–the more the merrier!

  1. Nice visual in the bar and the man entering as they were leaving. I could see the scene perfectly. 🙂

  2. Karen is right. You’ve done a great job with the visual. The ending of this snippet is very mysterious. Good luck!

  3. Very visual, Charley. I wonder who tall, dark and leatherclad is. 🙂 I got the toy run reference. Around here, they do poker runs as charity fundraisers. Bikers from bar to bar, and the boaters on the river do something similar, too. 🙂

    Nice 8! 🙂

  4. Ooooh, what’s up with the secret communication? I’m intrigued. When you go back through and edit, Charley, you might want to insert more emotion into this bit. There’s not much to connect us to the characters until the guy puts his hand on Ed’s chest. Adding internal thoughts will lock us in and make us want more. Love the ending. 🙂

    • Thanks, Siobhan!

      In this case, the problem lies with the 8-sentence limit. Hopefully the build-up I couldn’t include here will take care of that lack of emotion. As always, great insight–keep it comin’! 😀

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