Another busy week in Authorville!

Victory Waits on Your Fingers medium_3213853041Welcome to another busy week—I hope your Monday’s going well!

Siobhan Muir is hosting me today, we’re talking about one of my favorite subjects—men—and the way we like ‘em in fiction.

Directing Traffic is featured on Andrew Q. Gordon’s New Releases blog spot. Look around while you’re there, you’re sure to find something new for your TBR list.

Tomorrow Tara Lain is my guest & she’s as cool as her books are hot so you won’t want to miss it. She’s celebrating the release of the third book in her Aloysius Tales series, Cataclysmic Shift. It’s dropping on July 23rd and promises to be another winner!

Thursday promises to be a little crazy—but I’m a little crazy so it fits! The stars aligned just right and three fabulous authors have offered to host me and my summer reads: Ciaran Dwynvil, Anne Barwell, and Andrew Q. Gordon!

More to come next week, I’ll be hosting and visiting and all kinds of fun stuff!

The Christmas in July contest has been extended through August 2nd and i’ll be ending it big on Tara Lain’s beautiful blog so join me there!

photo credit: michal_hadassah via photopin cc

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