It’s Sunday on Caturday!

Wow, I can hardly believe it’s been over a month since my last snippet from A Sunday Kind of Love! Release day is only a week away, so here’s a steamy bit to whet your appetite.

Now’s the time to click away if you’re not of legal age. Maybe try here instead.


[Note:  Jake and Mason are still in Antonio’s men’s room, but a few sentences separate the last bit from this one. I’m sure you can figure out the gist of what’s happened in between. If not, please click the link in the bolded, italic sentence above the book cover–that’ll explain it for you.]

Jake tried not to cry out too loudly, but the back of his head did strike the wall hard enough for him to feel it. A scrapper by nature, he’d been blessed with an extraordinarily hard head, so he didn’t lose focus on Mason kneeling in front of him, working on his cock like a pro.

Jake looked down, meaning to grab handfuls of Mason’s hair and speed the pace as much as the other man could stand. And maybe a little more. It had been a long time and though part of him thought he should make it last, the larger part just wanted to feel the back of Mason’s throat again and again. But once he’d seen, Jake could only rest both hands on either side of his part. He watched Mason’s white roots against his red-tipped brown hair. Instead of closing his eyes and thinking about JR, the way he had during every second of sex he’d had for the past fifteen years, he stayed in the moment, with Mason.

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I must be crazy, but I signed up for two blog hops next week! (Yeah, I know, but let’s just move along shall we?) Both run July 4-7, and I’ll have two prizes to give away. The Romance Troupe is hosting the Sizzling Summer Blog Hop and I’ll have a US-only swag prize, and Queertown Abbey is hosting the Equal Rights Blog Hop, and my prize will be US and INT–a $10 gift certificate to Dreamspinner Press!

There’s a lot more coming throughout July–guests and contests and announcements–so stay tuned! 😉

10 thoughts on “It’s Sunday on Caturday!

  1. Thanks Regina, Linda & Siobhan! Your comments are very welcome this weekend (even more than usual, which is quite a lot!). It’s nice to know I’m doing something right. 🙂

  2. He’s staying with Mason, who was interested in kissing last week. That’s excellent progress!

    It’s going to be tough waiting a whole week for the entire story!

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