Eye Candy, Dirty Birdies Style!

Welcome to my stop on the Dirty Birdies Flock Hop! Our theme is Eye Candy—and after I take care of some business I’ll get less literal about that. 😉

Thanks to the Dirty Birdies for organizing the hop, and for making it so convenient for me (because that was the motivation). The hop runs June 25-27 and over 50 authors and bloggers of all kinds of fiction are posting about eye candy and offering individual prizes, and the Dirty Birdies also have a Grand Prize $100 Gift Card for a lucky commenter.

My US-only prize is a Read at the Beach swag pack. I thought about what I like to have with me while I read at the beach and included as much of that as I could. I can’t ship the winner a beach umbrella, though, sorry! I will ship everything you see here—a small tote bag, drink cooler, bookmark, sticky notes, pen, and chocolate.

My International prize is a copy of Directing Traffic in your choice of format.

See the end of the post for how to enter.

The theme Eye Candy is wide-open, but my mind went first to the kind of hunks I write about—so, the kind of guys who are more cute and sweet than hot and hunky. I’m old, so I tend to be more impressed with personality and how someone treats others than by a pretty face. Like the guy who changed my oil recently—he wasn’t what you’d call beautiful, but cute, definitely. He went out of his way to be nice to me, and I have to say that was pretty sexy (plus, he’s Latino and I have a huge weakness in that direction).

That said, I do drool over the hotness (and then hoard it on Pinterest to drool over again later). I love all kinds of men, tall and short, furry and sleek, muscled and slender. What about you, what’s your favorite flavor of eye candy?

Do you like yours sweet and dreamy?

Or maybe with a bit of an edge?

I’m a sucker for a man who can dance and is secure enough to rock a teeny tiny outfit.

But sometimes all they have to do is stand there and I’m happy.

Never could resist a man who reads.

My guys in Directing Traffic don’t read beyond newspapers and a menu or two, but I think they’re irresistible anyway. Here’s a short excerpt of their first meeting. Visit me on the Cup O’ Porn blog on the 27th for a longer (and sexier) excerpt, and another contest! For their Thursday Things feature, I’ll talk about the thing I wish I had and the thing I’m giving away. 😉

Cover!Directing Traffic by Charley Descoteaux

Neil Sedwick expects to spend his vacation in a sleepy tourist trap mourning his late partner’s death. Instead, he puts his recently acquired CPR certificate to use and saves an elderly resident’s life. But it’s the survivor’s nephew, sexy middle-school teacher Ty Bigelow, who causes Neil to reevaluate his routine and consider reopening his heart. 


When he finally emerged from the room, Neil wasn’t very hungry and didn’t feel like walking on the beach, so he thought he’d go to the local information center and find a hiking trail. The little beach community sat between the ocean and the Coast Range, so he shouldn’t have to go far. He’d almost made it to the end of the block when someone called to him.

“Neil? Um, it’s Neil, right?”

The young man with the auburn curls walked up to him, looking as though he wanted to run but was holding himself back through a great force of will. Or maybe Neil still felt melancholy from his run-in with The Happy Couple and was projecting.

Neil nodded. “You were there the other day, when…. How is he?”

“He’s good. He’ll be fine, really, thanks to you. That’s why I’m here. I’m not a stalker—I got your information from the police. I wanted to say thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Neil smiled. “I’m glad I could help.”

“And, I mean, since you saved his life and all, I’d like to know, can I take you to dinner tonight?”

Neil’s heart started hammering in his chest. This young, sexy man wanted to take him to dinner.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m just glad he’ll be okay.”

“Ty. I’m Tyler, but everyone calls me Ty. I know I don’t have to, but it means a lot, what you did. Uncle Ray’d be dead if you hadn’t….”

Neil thought Ty might hyperventilate, so he took his arm and steered him to a bench in front of the bakery on the corner. Ty shook, but after a few slow breaths was able to compose himself.

“How about lunch?” Neil asked, surprising himself.

Ty smiled, and Neil wondered if anyone nearby would be able to do CPR on him if his erratically beating heart decided to stop. Ty didn’t look as young when he smiled; in fact, he looked a lot older and more worldly. And he had an adorable dimple in his left cheek.

“Meet me at that cafe at the end of the main drag at noon? It has a woman’s name, Sharon’s or Shirley’s….”

Neil nodded and they both stood. After a slightly awkward moment, Ty offered Neil his hand.

“Thanks. I mean it.”

Maybe Neil saw more than gratitude in Ty’s hazel-green eyes, but he talked himself out of it fairly quickly. Surely he hadn’t slept well after what had happened to his uncle.


 Thanks for reading! Directing Traffic is available for pre-order through the 25th–release day is Wednesday, June 26th!

 To enter my giveaway leave a comment with your e-mail address and your favorite flavor of eye candy! Be sure to tell me in your comment whether you’re entering the US or the International giveaway, so I know the right # to feed into the generator and pick the winners.

If you want more entries, click here to tweet about the hop, Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest.

If there’s anything else you want to do to promote the hop or Directing Traffic, just let me know in your comment! Just don’t be spammy, because nobody’s happy to see that.

I’ll announce the winners within 48 hours of the end of the hop, as soon as I get a reply to my e-mail with “You won!” in the subject line.

Hop on, Flock!

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Photo credits:

Sweet & dreamy: Michael Taggart Photography via photopin cc

Leather dude: frankfarm via photopin cc

Dancer: Hen3k Hen3k via photopin cc

Tied up: Esther Marí via photopin cc

Reading with both heads: dhammza via photopin cc

26 thoughts on “Eye Candy, Dirty Birdies Style!

    • Hi Beckey, thanks for stopping by & commenting!

      That’s funny, about Paul Walker. I wouldn’t have guessed he’d work for Neil, but that picture just grabbed me. Thanks for visiting my DT board & following! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad you came by!

      I saw the lighthouse candy pic on FB and tracked it down. Wish I could find some of the candy but I don’t think they make it anymore. Either that, or my Google-fu bites. 🙂

  1. Gary Taylor, Matt Schiermeier, Alex Minsky, Colin Wayne, Stuart Reardon…..those 5 would be my ideal 😉


  2. Thank you so much for the chance to enter the giveaway (I like to saytype the thank you first because once I get to babbling I’m always afraid I might forget my manners!).

    What a great excerpt up there! I was so busy looking at the guys, scrolling rather slowly (I admit it!), that I wasn’t expecting any excerpt so when I got to it, I was pleasantly surprised. Directing Traffic sounds so good! I was hooked rather quickly. It sounds like it’s going to have so many elements of a great book. The beach, early feelings of attraction that is darn adorable to read about, and hopefully ending with a good happily ever after type love story (I love… well love and the journey getting there and so on :P).

    I should stop rambling on but the book sounds great and I do believe that I am typing this on it’s release day so CONGRATS on that!! I bet it does wonderfully!!

    Have a happy day everyone 😀

    Shelly H

  3. Oh my gosh, those gummy penises! I want! Lol.

    Hm, I like my eye candy a bit on the darker side, with an edge, or a troubled past. Ya know the mysterious type 😉

    And congrats on the new release! Sounds amazing. Definitely adding it to my TBR list.

    I’d love to win your US swag. I tweeted: https://twitter.com/meryvamp/status/350073089062731776. Liked your FB page via my own page: Mandy Earles. And I’m following you on Pinterest.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I don’t have much time to comment, but wanted to thank everyone who’s visited and played along so far! Keep the favorite eye candy coming — I’m about to finish a new draft so who knows where I’ll get the inspiration for my next characters once I’ve finished P & L’s story. 🙂

    Now it’s time for more studying before bed; Legal Writing today, and tomorrow Employment Law and eDiscovery classes! I’m bringing my laptop so I can peek in over lunch.

    Everyone have a wonderful day/night/whatever it is where you are! Don’t forget to let me know whether you’re entering the US or INT drawing in your comment. Have fun hopping! 🙂


  5. Well I’ve never see gummy lighthouses before butthey sure are deceptive to the eye. Thanks so much for the wonderful eye candy and the lovely excerpt.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Sounds great! Loving all these excerpts! Such teasers! 🙂 Very fun hop! Lots of great books! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

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