Studs and Warriors and Hops, oh my!

This is going to be such a busy weekend, I’m starting it early!

First, here’s my contribution to the snippet-sharing party—as always, brought to you by Seductive Studs & Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Snippet Sunday!


This picks up right where last week’s left off. Thanks for reading! 

Jake watched Mason stalk across the room and pass Antonio going the other way. Antonio must’ve winked or signaled him somehow because Mason’s step turned slinky as soon as he saw past him to Jake. Mason looked hot all in black, leather pants and a sleeveless shirt that wasn’t quite see-through. He could’ve lost the leather bands around his biceps as far as Jake was concerned, but that was the only fault he could find without more time.

“I don’t remember you grabbing anything.” Mason shamelessly looked Jake over.

They’d met before but Jake didn’t think the other man remembered him from the jazz club. Jake could name the month Mason had started at the salon, but for no reason he wanted to name he’d kept his distance.

My release date for A Sunday Kind of Love is less than one month away now!  I hope to have more than just the first racy bits to share with you next weekend.

Saturday, May 11, I’ll be featured on Thea Landen’s blog as part of the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop, and Sunday I’m hosting the awesome J. E. & M. Keep. All you fans of het love should come back and check it out—Fantasy Erotica? Yes, please!

Don’t forget to leave comments at every stop; every one gets you a chance at the Grand Prize!




21 thoughts on “Studs and Warriors and Hops, oh my!

    • TBH, I didn’t realize it could be confusing when I started choosing snippets. I’m glad you’re sticking around to see what happens–it’ll all be clear very soon. 🙂

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