Under new management.

cropped-medium_42662832381.jpgNo, not this blog.  Due to a busy life, Ciaran Dwynvil has handed the reins for Saturday Seductive Studs over to Thianna D.  Maybe this will mean more fiction from him?  We’ll just have to wait and see . . .

Meanwhile, Thianna has made some changes that I think will make Saturdays even more fun.  She has a wicked imagination, though, so I’m not surprised!  The new name is Seductive Studs & Sirens and it’s open to LGBT fiction from Romance to Erotic Romance to Erotica.  Join us and post your snippets of F/F, F/F/M, M/M/F, or any combination.

Most of the groups that sprung up to fill the void left by Six Sentence Sunday seem to be focused on het fiction, whether intentionally or not, but this is a place for the pride flag to waive every weekend. The group title may sound racy but the page isn’t and won’t feature any adult content, so sweet romance authors will feel welcome.  I hope so, anyway, because I like reading a wide variety of fiction and am always looking for new LGBT authors to stalk read.

If you’re interested, please join us!  The linky list is here.  If you know someone who would be (or even if you don’t ;)), please share!


photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “Under new management.

  1. Thanks Charley! And I’m glad you emphasized that this blog is for all kinds of LGBT fiction. Not just erotica, but romance as well. I know there are tons of LGBT authors I have never heard of and I look forward to reading all the posts that appear every week.

    Thanks for sharing:)

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