Saturday Seductive Studs, the Curious edition.

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I’m back!  Life is still a little nuts, but not overwhelming (finally!) and I’m happy to be participating in Saturday Seductive Studs again!  This is a fun Caturday interlude where writers of gay fiction post snippets from their work for everyone to enjoy.  Don’t forget to click the banner to see who’s participating this week, or find our links on Twitter at #SeductiveStuds.


Today’s excerpt is from a virgin WIP with the working title of Curious Sustenance.  It should be ready to show to my editor by the time we’re finished working on the manuscript formerly known as Sea Change.  CS is about a regular guy, Ross, who’s in need of a little mood-adjustment so his best friend Janet takes him to the place she goes to . . . let’s just say to unwind.

My standard disclaimer applies:  this is unedited and unpolished (that’s what I’ll be doing Sunday if I finish all my homework :)).

“Come with me,” Janet patted Ross’ thigh and smiled.  “We’re going to Amethyst’s private room.  Again, you don’t have to do anything unless you want to.”

Ross let her pull him halfway across the floor, and stopped her at the door.  “Are you going to do anything?”

“Probably not, but I love to watch Ami’s scenes.  She’s very imaginative.”  Janet winked and went through the door and Ross felt he had no choice but to follow. 

The room looked like anyone’s living room.  Anyone like Elvira or maybe Bela Lugosi.  The couches and chairs were all covered in dark velvet that may’ve been purple and the muted lighting made the candlesticks grouped in the corners gleam like old silver.  Janet’s friend turned a dimmer switch and some of the candles brightened.  She was speaking, but Ross couldn’t hear.  His mind stopped processing everything except the man striding in his direction.  He had to be six-three, and when he got closer Ross thought he probably had a Japanese grandfather.  He was gorgeous, with his long black hair, simple black suit and smoky gaze.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you all get the chance to get to know Ross & Co.  This story’s been a blast to write, but I’ll be happy to send it out to seek its fortune.

Have a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Seductive Studs, the Curious edition.

  1. Love the setting! That’s a great way to describe it…Elvira. 🙂 And the phrase “smoky gaze” totally grabbed me. This is such a fantastic scene, and you described it so well using so few words. I feel like I’m standing right there beside Ross and my heart skipped a beat too…who doesn’t love tall, dark, and handsome? 😉

  2. oooh! I could so see the room – very vampire-esque;). And now I want to know about the man that was striding toward Ross… as well as what goes in that room 😉

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