My blog is wearing red!

For the next two days my blog will be wearing red in support of Marriage Equality.  (Close enough … yeah, I have a problem with conformity across the board.)  I’ve spent many hours and have had literally thousands of conversations on this subject.  Not because I’m waiting for my chance to buy a marriage license, but because Marriage Equality is symbolic.  It’s symbolic of the struggle that’s been going on forever—the struggle to be treated equally, to be accepted for who we are.

I try not to get too political in this space but when politics and love intersect I figure it’s fair game for Romance authors.  Same-sex marriage and LGBTQ equality are the civil rights issues of the 21st Century, and something I’m very passionate about.

What you and I do, or don’t do, right now will shape the future for people all across the US.  Be on the right side of history with me and support same-sex marriage.  To learn more about how to get involved, click here or find a group close to where you live—we’re everywhere.  😉

Just please don’t call it “gay marriage”.  Same-Sex Marriage, Marriage Equality, the freedom to marry…   Any of these will do.  The term gay marriage marginalizes at least half of the LGBTQ community.  I realize it’s tres mainstream to use that term, but just think about it.  If I were to marry a woman (I should be so lucky!) I’d still be bisexual; I wouldn’t become a lesbian, my queerness would just become more visible to the casual observer.

Thanks to the amazing photographer who made this beautiful “wet heart” image available via photopin.  I may not take it down on Thursday, it’s so gorgeous!

photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc

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