Final Six Sentence Sunday or And now for something completely different!

6SentenceSundayWell, not completely different, but it’s a side of Comfort and Joy I haven’t posted about before.

This bit is from a scene that takes place shortly after Sam and Charlie arrive at Sam’s family home.  They’re upstairs in the room Sam’s sister Frannie is sharing with her infant son, Marc.  Sam has just changed Marc’s diaper and the baby is standing on his lap and doing that cute jumpy-bouncy thing babies do.

“He’s so beautiful.” Charlie reached out his hand and Marc stopped bouncing to grab for it.

“He’ll be a heartbreaker for sure.”

Frannie, one of eleven, rolled her eyes but was smiling as she walked up onto her bed, sat down cross-legged, and leaned her back against the wall. “He really doesn’t look all that much like you did as a baby.”

“Photographic evidence proves otherwise.” Sam kissed Marc’s neck and the baby giggled, his bones seeming to turn into limp strings in a heartbeat.

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