A moment to reflect


Last year I worked up the courage to submit a story in a new genre – M/M Erotic Romance.  My debut M/M Erotic Romance novella was released on December 17 so I thought, it being January and all, I’d take a moment to reflect.  It’s a good habit to get into – taking a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come, even (especially?) when we’re still not quite where we’d like to be.

Last August I volunteered my way into a writer’s conference and found the kick in the pants I’d been looking for to get serious about writing again.  I’d been unemployed for almost two months and a lot had happened in that relatively short time (but I won’t bore you with that here).  So I wrote Comfort and Joy, and after only one rejection signed a contract with Etopia Press!  That was super exciting, and prompted me to venture into the wild world of social media.  I never thought I’d do that, but a few months later I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, and seven (yes, 7!) Yahoo groups!  I’m not the most talkative gal out there, but I’m there.

Strangely enough, I owe a lot of this new activity to one of my favorite characters, Charlie Price.  He’s one of the main characters in Comfort and Joy and we’ve worked through our pain together to a good end.  A large part of the inspiration for him was my recovery from an accident which, over the course of about two years, involved a lot of trips to many different specialists and all the emotions that go along with daily physical pain.  The experience changed the way I see the world, and myself.  Not the least of which seems to be expecting more and more, and more quickly to boot!

I’ll keep myself from going on to goals for the coming year.  I’m having too much fun basking in my successes just now, and the sweet feeling that we can never really know where we’ll end up when we take that first step.

What highlights from 2012 are you taking the time to appreciate?

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4 thoughts on “A moment to reflect

  1. Great post, Charley.
    I’ve been very grateful for my 2012. It was a huge year for me. I finished my first novel. Received my first contract and signed two more. My first release.
    And on a non-writing front – my eldest son started kindergarten and did really well.

    I’ve been blessed with a very fortunate life and I always take the time to appreciate what I have. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share 😉

    • Thanks, Eden! And congratulations on a great year! 🙂

      Glad to hear your son’s doing well in school. Now I’ll be thinking about sweet little kindergarteners for the rest of the day so it’ll be impossible not to smile.

  2. Same here on the contract Charley. It meant so much for many reason. On a non writing front my younger girl went to Malawi to work with Aids orphans. She battles depression and a personality disorder so it was a huge thing for her.

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