Six more sentences from Comfort and Joy!

6SentenceSundayIt’s been a few weeks so it’s time Sam and Charlie made another appearance on 6SS.


We’re in Charlie’s head here, the morning after the boys arrive at Sam’s family home.  Sam’s oldest sister, Frannie, surprises them in the bathroom and snaps a picture while they’re shaving.  She directs another pose or two, and the line below is hers.

“Do I have to do all the work here? You know the shot I want.”

Sam put his razor down and took Charlie in his arms. Normally Charlie loved it when he did that: whisked him into his arms, bent him backward at just the right angle and planted a Hollywood ending kiss on his lips. So why did he feel like pushing away and running into a dark room for a good cry? Sam had made it to the “going in for the kiss” part when he stopped and let Charlie up, giving him a quick peck on the lips instead.

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