Six Sentence Sunday, The Random Edition

It’s that time again, when we get to flit from blog to blog and site to site, reading snippets of fiction from wonderful writers.

This week I decided to post a random six from my WIP.  I tried more than once to get a steamy random bit but it just didn’t work out that way so I’m going with this one — the first one I landed on.  Maybe Colin and Alonzo are shy.  😉

“But for once let’s just do something the easy way?  The way where you don’t end up in the hospital or puking your guts out?  I promise I’ll still think of you as a badass and we can tell everyone it was your idea.”

“Sure, that’s just great.”  Alonzo smirked and grabbed Colin in a rough hug, lifting his feet a few inches off the floor.  “It’s my idea to use my sweet little boyfriend as bait.”

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday, The Random Edition

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