Six Sentence Sunday, the “Read Without Your Glasses” Edition

6SentenceSundayHappy Sunday everyone!  It’s that time again when amazing and awesome authors from all over the interwebs post six sentences of fiction.  I think of it like browsing a candy store with a blindfold on.

It’s not easy coming up with multiple excerpts for a short work of fiction without either giving too much away or going over the word count allowed by the publisher.  So instead of another bit from Sam and Charlie I’ll post a six from the WIP I’m most excited about today.  It doesn’t really have a name but I’ve been calling it Murder Is Purple and it’s M/M Erotic Paranormal with romantic and mystery elements.  I just crossed the threshold of 50K words and hope to fill in the gaps before Monday morning when the new term starts.  It’s not contracted and I have no idea who would publish it, but I’m having a blast with these guys.

In this excerpt, Al (a P.I.) has just been caught posing as a homeless man to watch a building during a murder investigation.  Colin (a college student) had planned on waltzing in and looking around on his own even though Al told him not to, but thought the homeless man in the doorway needed help.

All at once Al was on his feet, pulling Colin up and then pushing him into the doorway.  He appeared to be trying to block the entire opening with his body, but he wasn’t anywhere near wide enough.  Colin tried to see what was going on out on the street and just when he heard voices coming closer Al groaned, pinned him against the wall, and then caught his lips roughly in a kiss.  In moments Al’s body had molded over his own and Colin moaned—he responded so fast the rushing of all that blood away from his brain at once made him dizzy. 

Colin was dimly aware of footsteps and voices on the sidewalk beyond, but most of his thoughts were centered on the lips and the hard body on his.  After the first rough moments Alonzo’s mouth had softened and gently explored Colin’s, pulling back to feather fast little kisses against his lips and then diving back in to claim his mouth.    

Thanks for reading my unedited 6!  You can put your glasses back on now.  🙂  Click the banner to go back to the list and sample another goodie!

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