Comfort and Joy on Six Sentence Sunday!


It’s the last Sunday of 2012!  Since I can’t decide which snippet to post I’m going with the steamy one.  If you’re not of legal age in your country, please click the banner now and return to the list.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into Sam and Charlie’s bedroom.

Sam took Charlie’s cock in his hand and gently licked around the tip. Charlie’s breath caught and held, and as Sam slowly took him deeper he heard one of his favorite sounds—the oh that said Charlie was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

After a few slow deep strokes, he pulled Charlie’s right leg up and over his shoulder. Sam had done it so many times over the past year to keep his foot elevated that he didn’t even realize he was doing it. He did think about how tense Charlie had been all day, so he worked even more slowly and tenderly than usual, running the tip of his tongue around the pink head, kissing a slow line down and back up the shaft as he gently massaged Charlie’s balls. He loved sucking Charlie’s cock so much that even though it was cold in the room, Sam soon felt heat radiating between their bodies.

Don’t forget to click the banner to return to the list of awesome authors participating in the final 6SS of 2012.

Happy New Year!

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