Sea Change on Six Sentence Sunday!

6SentenceSundayNow for something completely different!

Sam and Charlie have been enjoying the spotlight, but this week I’ve decided to post a snippet from a different story, Sea Change.  It hasn’t been contracted, but my fingers are crossed.

In this scene the adorable Ty steps up his seduction of my lonely hero by not letting him leave a diner once lunch is over.  It’s an un-edited snippet, so squint a little when you read it.  😉

“You’d be doing me a favor.  Once I leave here I have no plans.  Idle hands and all that.”  Ty grinned and sauntered over to the rack on the wall.  

If that perfect round bottom had been created by burgers and fries maybe he should reconsider his own eating habits.  Neil literally shook his head to remind himself where he was and that he really shouldn’t stare at this kid he’d just met, especially not his ass, and then forced himself across the little room to choose a cue. 

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