Comfort and Joy on 6 Sentence Sunday, part deux!


This week’s Six, from my upcoming release Comfort and Joy, [basically] continues where last week’s left off. Click on the banner above to go back to the list & enjoy more 6SS entries, but read mine first.  🙂

Sam moaned softly and moved his dark hand over the fair skin on Charlie’s abs.  He hadn’t regained any of the bulk he’d lost but made up for it with dizzying definition and a solidity he hadn’t had before. 

 “Vanilla ice cream.”  Sam began to kiss his way down Charlie’s chest and felt a cool hand on his head exerting a gentle pressure, urging him lower.

 “You’re lactose intolerant.”

Sam looked up and grinned for a short moment, then slipped down even farther.  “I’ll just have to lick you instead.”


8 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy on 6 Sentence Sunday, part deux!

    • Thanks, Veronica!
      I hope you’ll come back & enter my Christmas Wishes blog hop giveaway (it’s the post below my SSS)! I don’t have a copy of Comfort and Joy to give away yet, but you can still get a free story & the chance at two gift cards. 🙂

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