I’ve Been Tagged!! Watch Out, You Could Be Next!

Twice in one week!  (The other post is coming, I swear it is Shehanne!)  Dani-Lynn Alexander tagged me in a post. I guess we want people to look because that’s the game. You find the word look in your work in progress (WIP) and you post an excerpt around it.
Here’s my contribution, from a WIP I’m just calling Lance’s Story (because it’s more his than mine at this point! :))

“What in the holy hell is that?”  Matt pointed to the upper right corner of his screen and frowned.

“It’s a life jacket.”  Lance stood up and pulled it off the wall sconce to the left of his bed.  He wasn’t sure why he’d hung it there, but had probably just figured it out.  He slipped his arms through and pulled it closed in front of him, doing a quick half-turn to each side while he batted his eyes and sucked in his cheeks.  By the time he asked what Matt thought, he was laughing, tears streaming down his red face.

Lance hung the life jacket back up and sat a little farther away on the bed.  “I didn’t think it was that funny-looking.”

“Oh, man, you should be in one of those charity things where they auction off the men for a night.  You’d be a top-earner.”

“Maybe I will.”

Matt was still giggling as Lance told him about the Rose City Paddlers, and then about his adventure at the outdoor store.


The only other rule is you have to tag five authors, so here goes.  Have at it!

KC Shaw

Tara Lain

CP Foster

JM Stewart

Shehanne Moore

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!! Watch Out, You Could Be Next!

  1. OKay, it took me a while to figure out two of you had tagged me. lol Thanks for the tag! I’ll have to put up a post to see if anybody wants to participate. I did “The Next Big Thing” more than few times and I fear I may have worn out my welcome on tagging. lol Great excerpt!

  2. Sorry about that! I tried to find some folks who hadn’t been tagged, but that’s not always easy with these things! Thanks for being a good sport. 🙂
    Let me know when your excerpt is up, I’d love to read it!

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