I Can Haz Scatterbrain!

I’ve been spending so much time getting ready to promote my book—entering blog hops and contacting bloggers about interviews and writing the next one—that I haven’t had much time (or brain power!) left over to think about this space.  I have done some re-decorating, though, check out my fancy new buttons on the side bar.

All the preparation has given me a ginormous dose of Christmas spirit much earlier than usual.  Since my release date for Comfort and Joy is the 14th of December I have events and topics galore to choose from, it’s all very fortuitous.  Don’t know why I never wrote a holiday story before, because this is fun.

The only problem is, every time I think about blog post subjects (or class assignments) my mind runs right back to the holidays!  No matter what subject I started on this past week, a few hundred words later I’m talking about my favorite holiday movie or staring off into space wondering if I should just make a Top Ten List of my favorite Christmas songs since so many are wonderful.

Back to holiday spirit.  I’m the person who wonders why the whole “kindness to your fellow man” deal has to disappear after the holidays anyway; I open doors for people all year long and often give presents for no reason other than the idea came to me and it sounded like a good one.  I still hope I won’t run out of Christmasy feelings by the time late December rolls around.  By then I’ll have finished my term and taken finals, Comfort and Joy will have been released (and hopefully one or more of my current WIPs will be close to finished) and I’ll understand what a Blog Hop entails from the other side!  Plus I may do some of my usual holiday stuff, like baking and decorating.  Hopefully I won’t be too exhausted to enjoy it!

Oh, and in addition to hops, I have two interviews set up already:  Cup O Porn will be hosting me on their prettypretty blog on December 13th, and my world will collide with Shehanne Moore’s on a December date TBD (and I’m just getting started!).

Right now, one of my guys is asking to get onstage.  He’s been knocking on the door all day, poor guy.  And even though he told me that something I’ve always wanted to include in a story just can’t happen in this one, I’ll give him a few hours in the spotlight.  I only wish he hadn’t started telling me that during my test this morning!

3 thoughts on “I Can Haz Scatterbrain!

  1. woh Charley..les questions will be with you tomorrow and I am glad to see you in the spirit of Christmas present and thanks for mentioning me. Good luck with all you are doing right now. OOh..just reading this blog makes me feel Christmassy.

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