Word of the Week: Prurient

I’ve seen this word around but don’t think I’ve ever used it before.  It’s a good word, especially for someone like me hoping to get somewhere in the ERom world.  And I do.  The more I read and write in various Erotic Romance genres the happier I become, and the more driven to do more and to do it better.

I’ve been writing a long time and have had some mainstream fiction published, which was very satisfying, but it’s very difficult to get short stories published when you’re as far left of center as I am.  (To paraphrase Joey Tribbiani, the middle of the road is a dot to me.)  In fact, one prestigious New York literary agent came out and said so after she read a full novel manuscript she’d requested, she said it was too far left of center to be marketable.

That rejection felt like a kick in the stomach, even though I knew the story was a little out there for NY.  So I took a little time to cool down and stopped submitting that manuscript.  (I almost just pulled it up to take a look, but am not feeling brave enough to peek at a years-old story just now.  :P).

Fast forward a few years and I found myself with time on my hands and a maudlin attitude that just didn’t feel right.  So I decided to cure two ailments in one stroke (or many strokes, as the case may be) by writing happy stories.  Being no stranger to sex scenes in general I started with a familiar couple and went for it.  This story turned out to be “Comfort and Joy” and will be my first published work with Etopia Press.  My first published ERom story.  I’m much happier these days.

And I owe it all to my prurience.  Don’t waste my time with waves crashing on the beach or a bedroom door softly clicking shut—I want to see what happens when there’s nothing for a character to hide behind, not even clothes.  Especially not clothes.  Yes, I’m shamelessly prurient, which is only to say that I’m just as horny as anyone else but have a slightly larger vocabulary than some.   I’m in good company.

The usual info on definitions and origins follows, thanks to Dictionary.com (but confirmed by yours truly via multiple sources just because that’s how I am).

May all of your restless desires be fulfilled.  Have a lovely week!

prurient; adjective

1. having, inclined to have, or characterized by lascivious or lustful thoughts, desires, etc.

2. causing lasciviousness or lust.

3. having a restless desire or longing.

1630–40;  < Latin prūrient-  (stem of prūriēns ), present participle of prūrīre  to itch

8 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Prurient

  1. Nice post again, Charley. may the middle of the road keep being a dot in some ways. Fabulous to read about someone not fitting the mould making it. And totally like writing erotica for the a same reason. Why keep the doors closed when it’ s an opportunity to explore so much.
    Er still couldn’t work the like button but know I do like your post.

  2. Thanks! I’m reluctant to say I’ve “made it” — but it sure sounds good. 🙂 That’ll really be up to readers I suppose. *fingers crossed*

    Darnit! I don’t know what the problem is with that Like button! Someone on the forum was able to do it, but if you’re logged in & can’t then it’s still a problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Charley it seems to happen with certain blogs so I am putting a page I like thing on my own blog so that way the traffic hopefully flows. I know as a reader, I’m a bit fed up with the same fare. Too much stereo-typing. What makes me smile is we are always what is marketable, what ain’t and then the same folks doing the telling admit they don’t know… I love the fact Etopia are ready to take a chance and break out of the box that bit. .

    • Thanks again for your help! Etopia has the coolest authors.

      I love that too — taking a chance on fiction that may not be exactly what the market “thinks” it wants. So far I’ve loved the stories they’re publishing — probably because they’re a little different than what I’m finding elsewhere. (Can’t be because they like *my* fiction, no prejudice here. ;)).

      • Charley, I love them cos with my writing, they have taken on a dicey heroine who they tell me they love. And I was not for changing her to get into print cos I am fed up of nice/niche…. being told what I want to read. Sorry….. duh? Did I really read that right?
        I love what Etopia publish and I think they will grow fast. What is more – their authors are nice too… People are helpful and supportive.
        Oh apparently my likes button or my comments is not working either so don’t worry!! Blooming wordpress!

        • Ooh, now I reallyreally want to read your book! I love historical gals who won’t be changed. I checked but can’t seem to find it–is it out yet???

          I hope they grow fast–I’m about to send my editor something new. *fingers crossed she likes it*

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