First comes love, then comes . . . marriage?

I’m trying to keep politics out of this blog as much as possible because, even though I’m very interested in politics, it’s not a very romantic topic.  This year is an exception.

In November, four states will have the opportunity to vote on Marriage Equality.  The way people vote in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington will tell the whole country how they feel about love.

I have to digress a moment.  I refuse to say “same sex marriage” because I think that keeps the divide up between the marriages that are currently legal and the ones we’re fighting for.  Marriage Equality states it like it is—nobody’s asking for special treatment or for anything more than what’s currently available to heterosexual couples.  When interracial marriage was legalized (not that long ago), a separate type of marriage wasn’t invented for these couples, and that’s not what should happen now.  This is a civil rights issue, and everyone should enjoy the freedom to marry the one they love, and be bound by the same responsibilities once they have.

So anyone living in these states be sure to get out and vote!  And talk to all of your friends and neighbors and make sure they get out and vote.  Even if they believe as you do, have the conversation.  The more conversations, the faster those on the fence will get accustomed to the idea.  That’s how things change, one conversation at a time.

In 2011 I spent a lot of time and energy helping our local rights group gather support for a ballot initiative.  In the end it didn’t look as though we could win with Oregon voters, so the organizers decided it was best not to try and end up putting the community through a fight like that only to lose.   It was very disappointing to hear that message, to say the least, but if Oregon can’t be the first to win Marriage Equality as the result of a popular vote, then maybe we can be next.

Let’s all get out the vote in November, and let’s all vote for love!

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